May 30, 2007

Rainy days

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It’s definitely knitting weather at the moment. I have almost finished a Sirdar Surfer cardi for the shop and a pair of socks. I am still slaving away (well, a couple of rows a day) on the Seasilk scarfy wrap too.
We’re off to Surrey tomorrow for a couple of days to stay with some friends. It’s a good base to get to London so we’re taking the kids for the day on Friday. It’s probably a big mistake as I think it is going to rain plus it’s half term so everywhere will be heaving, still on the bright side we are going to Hamley’s to see Noo-noo from Teletubbies! It’s the Teletubbies 10th anniversary. I may get to go to Liberty’s too as it’s only down the road.
Anyway, I have planned to make my friend Lou a dishcloth as a pressie so I need to start that today.
I bought some roving to spin from Etsy. It’s a brilliant US website where people can sell their handmade crafts and stuff. I am attempting to make a 4ply sockweight yarn which is quite challenging and will take ages, but I am loving it. It’s a shame I can’t fit my spinning wheel in the car for the weekend away!

May 22, 2007

Cosy eggs

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One of James’ friends at work commissioned a pair of egg cosies! I thought they wouldn’t take long to make so I had a go an I must say I am really chuffed with them. I used 4ply sock yarn and 2.5mm needles and had an egg in an eggcup at hand as a size checking device. They needed some kind of tag on the top and I decided that as James’ friend and his girlfriend are quite loved up I should put some hearts on which I think turned out really well. They went off to work with James this morning so I will wait for the feedback! The pattern will be up on the website in the goodies section soon.

We also went to Wonderwool at the weekend and were luckier with the weather than Mary. The kids loved seeing the animals and my son bought himself a drop spindle made from a CD. I was very restrained and just got some alpaca to spin and some cashmere laceweight which I have no idea what I will do with but I had to have it.


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Enjoyed a trip to Wales for Wonderwool on Sat. It was a bit wet but interesting. Couldn’t resist buying a few bits needless to say, now all I need is the time to try them out.
Tried using the Clover felting tool with some wool felt and Rowan Country over the weekend . It worked really well and am looking forward to trying some more samples.

Picked up all the stitches around a bolero type cardigan for my grandaughter over the weekend. It is a Sirdar pattern butI have knitted it in the Regia Sockwool. My daughter likes them as they are so easy to wash and light and warm for Jess to wear. This one is dark blue with flashes of really bright colours and looks really good. I will have to have a sort through my button tin to find a bright button for it, luckily it is only one!

May 17, 2007

This is the first time I have ever blogged so here…

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This is the first time I have ever blogged so here goes. I work at the shop 2 mornings a week but have been doing a bit more recently while Pat was in California.
I have knitted since I was about 9 , more years than I care to count. Like so many people of my age I haven’t knitted for ages but then the shop opened in Malvern and I had a new first grandaughter so that got me going again.
The shop is such a super inspiration that I now have several projects on the go and lots more planned. At present my shop and knitting group knitting is a raglan sleeved pattern in Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed This is really nice wool to knit with and as the sleeves are plain they are easy to do and talk at the same time.
I am also knitting the Fleece Artist Tumbling Block Socks which are a bit more challenging but I did feel I had achieved something when I finished one and am getting on well with the other one. I don’t want to catch Vicki ’s SSS.

May 14, 2007

Goodies from America!

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Pat got home yesterday and had loads of goodies with her. I had some Kint-lite needles and a crochet hook, a Lantern Moon keyring and some Soxstix which she didn’t realise we had in the shop already as they came in while she was away! There were a couple of skeins of gorgeous yarn which we will try and source and some great pattern books.
I spent a lot of the weekend knitting some socks. They are cabled so it’s taking some time but I am quite enjoying it as I usually only knit plain top-down socks. The Cadenza jumper is almost onto the sleeves so hopefully that will be finished to coincide with the yarn arriving in the shop!
The Rowan rep came into the shop today with the Autumn/Winter range. I know, it’s really hard to think about what to buy so far in advance when it’s not even cold, but there you are. The new magazine is brilliant! There are at least 2 things I am going to have to knit as soon as it all arrives in August. I am SO excited, it’s their best season for ages.

May 9, 2007

Pics and plans

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I remembered the camera against all the odds but have lost the cable so I had to put the little card into the printer and amazingly it’s worked. I did a bit of the Cadenza jumper last night at knitting club but only a few rows because I spent most of the time eating, drinking and talking. This is the back

It’s quite shaped but hopefully will be OK. I did loads of knitting on the Seasilk scarfy wrap yesterday. It’s loosely based on the Lacy Serpentine scarf but I’ve changed the pattern a bit and the size to make it more wrap sized, hopefully.

I think I’m about a third of the way through so it is going quite quick. I always think I can’t be bothered to do lacy stuff or follow a pattern for every row but I am enjoying it.

It’s Quilts UK at the 3 Counties showground in Malvern next week so we’re going to do a window to appeal to Quilters! Mary has knitted a brilliant log cabin blanket out of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran based on the Mason Dixon pattern. It’s the Spring Garden show this weekend. We’re doing socks and wellies for that. Luckily I overcame my SSS (second sock syndrome) and actually finished a pair for James so they can go in. The kids also have some Kool-Aid dyed ones which can go in too if they’re clean!

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