July 31, 2007

It’s Summer

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Shop front August 2007

We have taken our sale yarn out of the window as we don’t have an awful lot left.

We have an RYC cabled cardigan from the Coast book, knitted in RYC Cotton Jeans. It has been very popular over the past couple of weeks, people really like the style and the yarn is gorgeous.

If you’re a fan of our free patterns, you may recognise the egg cosy! Any 4ply yarn will work for the pattern but it does look great with self-patterning yarn.

The tea cosy is also featured on the free patterns and we are doing a kit of this although it’s limited so won’t be on the website. Give us a call or e-mail if you’re after the kit, it’s £9.99.

You can find the tablecloth pattern in Tracy Ullman’s book, Knit 2 Together. A wonderful collection of garments and homewares.

In the next couple of weeks we will be updating with all the new Autumn/Winter stock. The Rowan collection is released on 1st August and the Louisa Harding, Noro and Debbie Bliss is coming in bits and pieces. If you can’t wait to see it appear, please e-mail or call if you want to order anything.

Happy knitting!

July 25, 2007

our new look shop

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New counter!As some of you have seen, our huge plans didn’t materialise as we’d hoped! Our knitting area in the window went by the by when we thought about how fragile and expensive the curvy glass for our window is and how easily a chair could get bonked into it. But on the bright side we have a proper counter now and a new till which will say exactly what you’ve bought! Very exciting.

The men helpers had plenty of opportunity to use various powertools but were reluctant if we wanted a go. We did do something with the drill but I forget what. We planned to go to the pub after but it was closing time when we finished so I just went home and had a cuppa.

Anyway, the general consensus from our customers so far is that they think it looks better, makes the shop look bigger and has made room for an extra unit. That part I love because we just moved a unit but if people think it’s new that’s only good! Maybe that’s why we’ve sold more Noro this week…

July 18, 2007


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We are very excited as we’ve decided to give the shop a bit of a face-lift. It’s all happening tonight, hopefully. We’re moving the counter and making our stock area better, streamlining the yarn shelves so that we can get more stuff in and generally having a sort out. Pat has gone off to Wickes and Staples to get supplies and the men in our lives are standing by with their powertools. It may turn out to take a lot longer than we thought and we may be at it all night as we can’t open to a mess in the morning!

Pat’s top idea is to have a seating area in our window for knitting. It’s quite a narrow shop (although we do have it packed with loads of great stuff, more on the way) so there’s no seats but there’s a bit of empty space in the window and it’s a great place to knit because you can watch the goings on outside.

So if you are around our way soon, come and knit in our window for 5 minutes and see what you think!

July 15, 2007

Colinette Offers

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Shop Front July 2007

It’s July already, it’s sale time! We have our window crammed with bargains at least 30% off our sale lines. Its mostly Debbie Bliss, Louisa Harding and Colinette which we’ve reduced. The garment in the window is a Colinette Giotto cardigan from the Femme Fatale book.Our new autumn/winter stock will start to come in at the beginning of August and we’ll try to get it on the website super quick!

July 9, 2007

False Economy?

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I thought I’d impart my thoughts on the cost of yarn and the relevance of it to your project. I know it may seem a bit biased as I own a knitting shop but it is based on fact.
We had a customer last week who had knitted a jumper for her husband and was disappointed with it because the yarn didn’t have as much oomph or elasticity as she thought it should. She had picked a mixed fibre yarn which was mid-range price. This issue is a common problem with men’s jumpers because the cost of knitting a big jumper is quite high and so people choose something economical without worrying so much about how it will turn out.
Anyway, this poor lady’s husband was refusing to wear the jumper so she was going to give it away which I thought was such a shame after she took all the time to knit it and I thought it looked great. This got me thinking….
At the time of choosing, the price of the yarn is uppermost in the decision making for a lot of people. It’s not that cheap to knit these days and that is a major issue. But think about it. How much of your time are you going to spend knitting a jumper or other garment? If you counted up the hours and worked out in money how much that time is worth, guaranteed it is a lot more than the cost of the yarn. If you’re going to spend that much of your time on something isn’t it better to have something at the end which can potentially last forever?
The bottom line is that the bulk of the cost of knitting is time. Weigh this up next time you’re making a choice in your local knitting shop. If it’s anything like us they will have a lay-by to help you pick great yarn without forking out for it all at once!

July 3, 2007


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Lots of customers have been in the shop to buy some wool to knit while they watch Wimbledon. I use this excuse too but I find that I have a lot of reverse knitting to do as it gets more exciting.
We have a Rowan jacket in the shop at the moment and I had a sneaky try on, and really fell for it. It’s in the book COAST and uses Cotton Jeans yarn, there are lots of cables so I think it will be a long term project. I like knitting cables there’s always the impetus to do a bit more.