June 30, 2008


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It was our first day of being open at number 12 today. The weekend was hard work for everyone but we finished at a quite civilised 8pm on Sunday night. The webmaster was already in bed when I got home to give you some idea of the general level of weariness! It looks great, just how we imagined. The fabric room will benefit when the new Amy Butler fabrics arrive (should be any day) but we are certainly not short of wool. Even in a shop twice the size we are finding it challenging to find homes for everything. We tried to put out of our minds all the new stock that is arriving on 1st August while we were stacking - we’ll be starting from scratch to fit the new stuff in!

Anyway, Bucks Fizz was the order of the day and turned out to be a useful stressbuster after I left the filing cabinet keys at home, so we had no shade cards for most of the morning, then when I went to get the key realised I had locked myself out of my house. So I went to Dad’s for the spare key but it was the wrong one then when I went back he’d gone out. So I went to the in-laws who (what are the odds) also gave me the wrong key. So I gave up and then drank lots of bucks fizz when I got back to the shop!

So here it is in pictures:



The pic of me by the counter is taken from where Pat is in her picture and vice versa.

We have loads of bargains because we had a great clearout while we were moving. We have 3 £1 bins, 2 £2.50 bins and a third off some bits of Rowan, Araucania and Noro. Come and visit! There’s plenty of room to browse and relax and enjoy your yarn shopping. I will try to remember to take some pics of the pattern room and fabric room to show you.

Happy knitting!!

June 24, 2008

The Big Day

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Well we ‘ve been working hard on the new shop - not us so much as the Webmaster and my Dad. Mary and Mike escaped on holiday for a week or so but they did some pretty heroic diy with the rest of us before they went.


The kids loved the painting, luckily we had to get rid of the carpet anyway…

There’s still a lot of work to do to get the workshop ready but that’s well underway. we’re so thrilled with how the shop has turned out and we can’t wait to move everything this weekend. It will be great fun - I hope!

So the big day is monday 30th June! There will be lovely Bucks Fizz (and other things which I haven’t had time to think about yet - probably cakes of some sort) and better yet, some special opening offers like double loyalty card stamps during the first week. I know that only benefits you locals, but we’ll think of something for our web shoppers too!

Tickets are starting to sell well for our Amy Butler event. Check out her website if you’re not familiar with her stuff. It is beautiful and I’m sure it will be great hearing Amy speak about her work. Unfortunately I’m on holiday in Cornwall so I can’t make it. Very bad planning. But it turns out that Amy is also speaking in Cornwall so I am booking onto that instead! Give us a ring at the shop on 01684 892079 if you’d like a ticket for our event.

Anyway, come and see us when you can. It is going to be so lovely!! And so much bigger!

June 2, 2008

On the move!

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Yes, the Knitting Parlour is on the move! We are moving 2 doors down from where we are now to number 12. It’s a bigger, squarer shop with a lovely big basement where we will hold our workshops. It’s very exciting, we’re planning to open on Monday 30th June after 4 weeks of major painting and hauling kilos of yarn a few metres along the road. I was going to post a link to the article in the local paper because there is a pic of Pat outside the new shop but unfortunately the article is there but not the picture (Pat will be glad about that).

For those of you that visit us once in a while (or a lot), we will be closed on Saturday 28th June but come and visit us on 30th or soon after, we will be having some opening offers and things like that. We will post more details when we know them.

Happy knitting!