September 30, 2009

Rowan Workshops

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I was updating the Rowan Workshop schedule for the rest of the year today and realised that there are only 3 workshops left!

I had an email from Sarah Hazell who is running the British Breeds textured knitting workshop and she ran it for the first time this week at John Lewis on Oxford Street and everyone loved it so I think that would be a great one to sign up for. It is the first knitting workshop that Sarah has done for us because usually we rope her in to do the crochet ones so we are pretty excited. Plus the British Breeds yarns are so lovely.

Emma King’s beads and sequins workshop is also getting booked up pretty quickly. I think it’s a great subject to help you add a bit of sparkle to you projects. I knitted some gloves for Pat for christmas last year and incorporated some beads into a normal plain pattern and it just made them look extra special. A great subject for the lead up to christmas!

Please give us a ring or email if you ever want more info on our workshops. Also, look out for new Rowan sewing workshops! Coming soon…

September 28, 2009

knitting @ the library

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We have helped to organise a mini knitting festival with Malvern Library which runs throughout October. The highlights are 2 Rowan Workshops run by Emma King and Sarah Hazell. They are 2 hours
long and cost just a fiver! It’s a great opportunity to try out a workshop without having to pay for the whole day. Anyway, here is the complete list of events:

The BIG Knit-In

Saturday 3rd October 2-4pm in the Gallery

Come and join this one-off knitting club to launch Knitting month @ the Library. If you can knit, bring your knitting. If not, come anyway and we will help you
get started.

Mini crochet workshop with Rowan designer Sarah Hazell

Wednesday 7th October 6-8pm

Sarah will be running this mini workshop and you should go away with something you’ve made! Unfortunately not suitable for beginners because of time
constraints but fine for anyone with a basic knowledge. Cost £5 plus materials. Booking is essential.

Men’s Learn to Knit Workshop

Saturday 10th October 2-4pm

This is a men only learn to knit session. Men and ladies will be on hand to teach the basics; casting on, knit,
purl and casting off. It’ll be held in a meeting room so you won’t be in public! Materials will be available to borrow.

Men’s Knit ‘n’ Natter Sessions

Saturday 17th & Saturday 31st October 2-4pm

A social knitting session for men only. No booking necessary, just turn up with your knitting. It’s a great way to get new ideas and meet other knitters
without the risk of turning up to a knitting club where it’s all girls…

Professional Finishing Tips with Rowan designer Emma King

Friday 23rd October 3.30-5.30pm

Emma will be presenting an abridged version of her popular professional finishing workshop. She will cover the all-important mattress stitch along with other
top techniques for finishing your knitted garments. Cost £5. Booking is essential.

Kids Learn to Knit Workshop

Saturday 24th October 2-4pm

A workshop to teach children the basics of knitting. We will cover basic ways to cast on, knit stitch and casting off. There will be ideas of things to make using basic knitted
squares. Suitable for children from 7 years old. Materials will be available to borrow. Booking is essential.

September 15, 2009

Walking to work

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The Webmaster is giving blood today and thought he may be too weak to ride his bike home, so I had to walk to work so he can have the car. It is a great walk and I happened to have my camera with me so I took some pics for those of you who are not Malverner’s. This is my favourite part of the walk. It is halfway down the hill and there is a great avenue of trees and I always imagine the Victorians strolling up the hills along this avenue. (Crikey, this is sounding very bloggy!)

There’s a stone channel down the side of the path to carry the spring water, actual Malvern Water, down the hill. It doesn’t look super pretty at the moment because ot’s full of leaves but it’s still cool.



Anyway, I had my camera because I finished a project last night and have pics to show! It is a hybrid knitting and sewing project that I started after Amy Butler’s talk when I was really inspired. Mid way through I lost my enthusiasm because the Webmaster wasn’t impresses with my vision. So last night I just decided to get it finished and I really love it. Who cares what anyone else thinks?!

 It is for a baby, I don’t know which baby. It is quite girly and both of my friends who are pregnant haven’t found out what their’s is. I guess the first girl can bags it. If my daughter doesn’t get there first…

September 7, 2009

Red Knees

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Our village school has been raising money towards building an extension and yesterday they held an event to raise serious cash. It was called ‘Red Knees Day’ because we crawled up the Worcestershire Beacon. Not on the paths, but straight up the side and crikey, it was steep and seriously hard going. I made some stylish knee pads from some gorgeous Anna Maria Horner fabics and they held up very well although we had to strap them on with electrician’s tape which kind of ruined the look. I did have red knees afterwards ironically.

My five year old daughter was the star of the family as she managed to get to the top in 15 minutes, a very impressive time. There was a trophy for the family who raised the most in sponsorship and unfortunately that was never going to be us sut the first 100 kids to the top could get a medal and she really wanted the medal. I think she finished in the first 10! My son and I managed 20 minutes which we were still pleased with and he got a medal too.

I will post some photos once I have them from my friend who was ‘marshalling’, another word for skiving out of the crawling! I had to give my hands a rest from knitting last night as I have some nasty blisters on my knuckles. My technique must have been a bit off!

It’s not too late to donate if you are impressed with our crawling prowess! Go to  Needless to say, I would have let the kids do it on their own if I’d realised how hard it would be!