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On this page you will find some goodies, from free patterns to hints and tips, we will be adding new content regularly so please bookmark us and come back to visit us when you can. Why not bookmark us:

Free patterns

Easter rabbit pattern

easter rabbit design

Easy rabbits to create for Easter. free knitting pattern - Easter rabbit design here.


Felted pumpkin pattern

felted pumpkin design

Halloween felted pumpkin design to scare away the witches. free knitting pattern - Felted pumpkin design here.

Summer bunting pattern

summer bunting design

Easy pattern to knit your own bunting. free knitting pattern - Summer bunting design here.

String shopping bag pattern

string shopping bag design

Save the planet, ditch the plastic and use your own knitted string bag. free knitting pattern - String shopping bag design here.

Christmas snowflake pattern

christmas snowflake crochet design

Add some festive sparkle with our Christmas snowflake pattern. You can download the free crochet pattern - Christmas snowflake design here.

Ruffle teacosy pattern

ruffle teacosy knitting design

Keep your tea warm with this frilly modern teacosy. You can download the free knitting pattern - ruffle teacosy design here.

Crochet scarf pattern

crochet scarf knitting design

A scalloped crochet scarf. You can download the free crochet pattern - crochet scarf design here.

Ipod nano bag pattern

ipod nano

A cool little bag for keeping your ipod safe. The pattern uses Louisa Harding Glisten yarn available from our store. You can download the free knitting pattern - ipod nano bag design here.

Stripey bag pattern

stripey bag

An easy to make bag using the 3 different yarns from our spiral scarf kit (incase you didn't want to make a scarf). You can download the free knitting pattern - stripey bag design here.

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